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 Encoding Video Notes

This section provides some extra notes on video capture. This section assumes you already successfully configured your software for video or audio. If you have not already done so, go to the Encoder Installation section and configure your software for video or audio webcasting first before continuing.

Video Capture Devices
Before you can encode Flash or Windows Media, you must capture (digitize) your source material to your computer. To digitize video you need a video capture device. In general, any device that supports Video for Windows can be used. Almost ANY video capture device will work - even a basic USB desktop webcam like Logitech or Microsoft cam can give very good results! Professional users may want to use a digital capture card such as a Hauppauge, Pinnacle or Osprey card. These cards are quite inexpensive and yeild great results. As there are so many video capture devices available, we cannot provide you with help on your hardware. Consult your video device's documentation for any help you need.

It may be necessary for you to adjust your video capture card settings in order for it to work properly with the Windows Media or Flash software. You can change some of the configuration settings of your capture device by clicking the Properties 'Settings' button in theWindows Media software. The settings here are specific to your capture device - refer to your hardware's documentation here for further help.


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