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  RealProducer Helix Encoder Installation

In order to webcast your account LIVE you must first install Real Producer 10  on your PC. You MUST use Real Producer Helix to encode successfully with WebcastWarehouse. If you do not have the software installed already, you can download it free from here:
Download Real Producer G2 software now !

Installation Notes: You should close all applications on your PC before installing Real Producer. Once you have downloaded the file realproducer_basic_10.0.1_windows_setup.exe , Click it and install Real Producer on your PC. You may be prompted to 'Upgrade' during or after your installation. Choose 'Don't Remind Me'. 

 Encoder Setup

1. With the Helix encoder software now installed and running, you should now open the 'job file' that we sent you as an attachment to the email that you received from us. The attachment is a Real Producer Job File (.rpjf file) and is attached to the email looking like this:
Save the attached file to your hard dist and then double-click it. The file will open in the Real Producer Helix software. This file sets up your software to work with our servers.

2. You next need to select the Devices that you will use to webcast live. Select the 'Devices' button. Then, from the drop-down menus, choose the devices that you will use to webcast. If you are webcasting Video, you will need to select a device for both 'Audio' and 'Video. If you are webcasting Audio only, just choose an Audio device.
You can adjust the manufacturer's settings for each device by clicking the 'Settings' button. These settings are specific to your own equipment.

3. (OPTIONAL). You can now change the webcast bitrate or bandwidth settings for your target audience. We typically have set them already for you at 64Kbps with the job file, so you may ignore this step, but you can change them to suit your outgoing webcast. These settings are critical. If you want to be able to reach users with only a dial-up modem connection, you will need to send your webcast to our servers at no more than 56Kbps. If you want to reach broadband users, typically a 64Kbps webcast is good enough for audio, and 64Kbps to 100Kbps for video. Just remember.. keep the webcast bitrate as low as you can - you will reach more people that way with less interruption or 'drop-out'. Your audience connection or their ISP may not be as good as yours!
Press the 'Audiences' button. On the right-hand panel, individually select each 'Audience in job 1' item and press the 'Del' delete key on your computer until you remove all entries. Then, from the left-hand panel, choose an option that suits your broadcast, eg. "56K Dial-Up" or "64K Single" and press the arrow "->" button in the middle to move the selection to the right hand side. You have now set up your bitrate settings. You can add more than one target bitrate to reach various audiences, but you must have an adequate outgoing internet connection  - they all add up! Click the red to close the 'Audiences' window. 


4. You are done! Once you have followed the instructions above, and successfully configured the software, you can start webcasting. Press the 'Encode' button to start webcasting. Listeners using RealPlayer can enjoy your webcast by going to the address URL sent to you by email which you can open in your browser, or you may create a link to on any web page.


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