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  Shoutcast MP3 Setup

To webcast to your Shoutcast MP3 server live you must install Winamp player on your PC, along with the DSP Plug-in, which allows you to stream data to your server. You MUST use Winamp and the DSP Plug-in to encode successfully with WebcastWarehouse. You can download Winamp player (XP/Windows7) from here:
Download Real Producer G2 software now !

The DSP Plug-in for Winamp (XP/Windows7) is available for you to download from here:
Download Real Producer G2 software now !

Internet Explorer users: When prompted, "What would you like to do with this file" choose "Save this program to disk" and click "OK". You will then be asked where you want to save the file. Change the "Save in" field to read "Desktop" and click "Save" so the download process can begin.

Installation Notes: You should close all applications on your PC before installing Winamp and the DSP Plug-in. Once you have downloaded the files, Click them and install Winamp player first, then the DSP plugin. Ignore all options to update or upgrade.


 Installing & Setup Winamp with DSP Plug-in
After you install the Winamp player software, follow the default 'Next' and 'Finish' buttons. Ignore all options to update or upgrade. Do the same for the DSP Plug-in software, following all default settings. Once this is done, launch the Winamp player and 'right-click' your mouse over the player so you can select 'Options' and then 'Preferences' from the drop-down menus.
In the following screen, select DSP/Effect on the left and choose 'Shoutcast Source for Winamp' on the right. Click the 'Configure' button at the bottom.
This is the main configuration console. Here you control all of the settings for your webcast, including bitrate, source of the webcast, and your account details, which will have been emailed to you by WebcastWarehouse when you subscribe. The settings in the 'Main' tab can be left alone. Next select the 'Output' tab. Select 'Output 1'. Enter the details that were sent to you by email in the 'Address', 'Port' & 'Password' fields. 'Encoder' should be set to '1'.


Click  on the 'Yellowpages' button. Clear all entries and enter your Station Name in the 'Description'. Enter your station's website address in the 'URL'.


Next select the 'Encoder' tab. Make sure 'Encoder 1' is selected. In 'Encoder Type' make sure 'MP3 Encoder' is selected. In 'Encoder Settings' select your webcast bitrate. For a maximum public audience, keep the bitrate as low as possible, or as instructed in our email. Next select the 'Input' tab. If you are doing a live webcast from an audio source connected into your PC, the 'Input Device' field should have 'Soundcard Input' selected. 'Input Settings' are usually set to '44100Hz, Stereo'. Make sure 'Line Input' is selected at 'Soundcard Mixer'. You are now ready to webcast. Go back and click the 'Output' tag option and press the 'Connect' button.

Further information and help on the Shoutcast MP3 system is available in the README file that accompanies the Shoutcast DSP Plug-in download. If you have further questions about the Shoutcast MP3 webcasting system, please contact us.


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