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 Internet Radio / TV

Internet Broadcasting opens a whole new frontier of communications, a new way to reach global audiences. Taking advantage of this technology can dramatically increase traffic to your website. Get your station listed on high-profile live event listings. WebcastWarehouse will provide you with a complete and simple webcast solution, at a low cost, with no compromise. 

Radio stations and users planning on serving audio can webcast in the popular universal MP3 format using the Shoutcast system, which can allow listeners to access your webcast with almost any player: RealPlayer, Windows Media, Winamp or many others. The MP3 & Shoutcast system has this advantage because MP3 is an 'open format', not owned by a single organization. When you webcast in MP3 format with the Shoutcast system, you can give your listeners a choice of links to click on, depending on what player they use. You can of course, choose one of the other webcasting formats such as Windows Media or Real system.

TV stations and users planning on serving live video can use either the Flash format or the Windows Media format. Either format provides good results. If you're planning video, we recommend the Flash or Windows Media.

Whether you're an existing station or you're planning an 'internet only' radio station, WebcastWarehouse can provide a state-of-the-art solution to your webcast needs. With servers based in the US and Europe, WebcastWarehouse gives you the opportunity to go beyond broadcast boundaries with superior delivery. Attract new advertisers and give your audience immediate access to your global broadcasts using WebcastWarehouse. Visit our products and prices page for prices & details, or further information. 

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