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 How It Works

No special equipment is required to webcast live. Your audio or video source is fed to your PC via the sound card or video device, and is encoded live with the software we provide you with..

The audio/video is sent by your internet connection to your local ISP, then to the WebcastWarehouse streaming server, and streamed to the world live. You create a link on any web page to your live webcast URL. Visit our Products & Prices page for prices & details on packages available from WebcastWarehouse.

 Webcasting Live with WebcastWarehouse

Webcasting live with WebcastWarehouse allows you to broadcast sound or video encoded in one of the main popular formats for Flash, Windows Media, or MP3, at a much lower cost than other streaming media providers. This format is highly compressed to deliver the best possible sound / picture over a limited-bandwidth connection. Users receive your audio or video programming over the internet with popular media players like RealOne, Windows Media or Winamp, already installed on most PCs. This player then interprets the data it receives over the internet and presents it to the listener or viewer in a format everyone can enjoy. By far the most popular players installed on most PCs world-wide are the 'Flash' player by Adobe, 'Windows Media' player by Microsoft, and 'Winamp' by Nullsoft. Another webcasting format is the universal MP3 audio format. Webcasting using the system that utilizes these players insures maximum audiences are reached. High transmission reliability, broadcast scalability and flexible modes of delivery have made the RealNetworks and Windows Media webcasting systems market leaders for professional live and on-demand streaming media on the internet. Adding the live webcast to your existing website is simple - add a link to the URL address we give you, that's it.

With our high-speed servers based in the US & Europe, your costs are reduced. You simply encode your audio/video on your PC at your location with the free software provided, which sends it thru any standard ISP internet account (any reputable ISP in your locality) to our high-speed servers. From there, your broadcast is streamed out live world-wide from our streaming server in the format you require. Your webcast can be accessed by anyone, and is easily integrated into any website by adding a simple URL link. The software for your PC is free, and we can supply it, and guide you through setup. Our server locations provide perfect coverage for full international internet coverage, so your broadcast is received anywhere in the world by anyone with the popular player installed. Visit our Products & Prices page for prices & details on our webcasting packages.

 Equipment & Software Needed

Some streaming internet providers have you believe that you need a crew of people and special equipment to webcast live. Not so! You probably have all the equipment necessary to webcast live already, right in front of you! Details of what's actually required and the costs can be found here. PC equipment required depends on whether you intend to webcast audio only, or audio and video programming. A standard PC is generally adequate for any audio webcast. For video, in general, any device that supports Video for Windows can be used. Almost ANY video capture device will work - even a basic USB desktop webcam like Logitech or Microsoft cam can give very good results! Professional users may want to use a digital capture card such as a Hauppauge, Pinnicle or Osprey card. These cards are quite inexpensive and yeild great results..

'Encoder software' is needed on your system to encode your audio or video for transmission over the internet to WebcastWarehouse. This encoding software is free, you can download it from our site, and it is the only software required.


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