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 Frequently Asked Questions

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- What is Windows Media & Flash Audio/Video?
Where can I get more information and prices?
Who can listen/watch the webcast?
What PC and equipment do I need to webcast live?
What software do I need to webcast?
Where can I see others currently using Flash or WMS to webcast?
Don't I need a high-speed high-bandwidth connection to the internet to webcast?
What is a 'Streaming server'? Why do I need one to webcast?
Do you support any other webcast systems?
What are 'User Streams'?

1. What is Windows Media & Flash Audio/Video?
A live video or audio stream is a file or live broadcast containing sound and video encoded in Windows Media or Flash system format. These formats are highly compressed to deliver the best possible sound / picture over a limited-bandwidth connection. In order for you to receive audio or video programming over the internet, a piece of software called a player needs to be installed on your PC. This player then interprets the data it receives over the internet and presents it to the listener or viewer in a format you can enjoy on your computer. By far the most popular players installed on most PCs world-wide are the 'Flash player' by Adobe and the Windows Media player from Microsoft. Webcasting using the system that utilizes this player insures maximum audiences are reached. High transmission reliability, broadcast scalability and flexible modes of delivery have made these webcasting systems market leaders for professional live and on-demand streaming media on the internet. To learn more about Flash and their products, visit their website. To learn more about Windows Media, go to www.windowsmedia.com 

2. Where can I get more information and prices?
WebcastWarehouse offers many low-cost packages at ranging prices to suit webcasters needs. For a full breakdown of our products and prices,
click here. If you have specific needs or require clarification, please contact us.

3. Who can listen/watch the webcast?
Any Internet user! A webcasting session with WebcastWarehouse does not require your audience to have any special PC equipment. Depending which format you have chosen to use, your audience can 'tune in' with Flash, Windows Media, or MP3 player and can enjoy your webcast with a simple mouse click. Your webcast is not region-specific either, and so your programming can be received anywhere around the world. 

4. What PC and equipment do I need to webcast live?
PC equipment required depends on whether you intend to webcast audio only programming, or audio and video programming. A standard multimedia PC is generally adequate for any audio webcast. In general, any device that supports Video for Windows can be used. Almost ANY video capture device will work - even a basic USB desktop webcam like Logitech or Microsoft webcam can give very good results, if it is configured properly! Professional users may want to use a digital capture card such as a Hauppauge, Pinnacle or Osprey card. These cards are quite inexpensive and yield great results.

5. What software do I need to webcast?
'Encoder software' is needed on your system to encode your programming feed into compressed data for transmission over the internet to the streaming server at our location. The software you use depends on which format you intend to webcast in.

- RealProducer Helix:  for webcasting in Real format to RealOne players.
- Windows Media Encoder 9:  guess what.. for Windows Media players.
- Winamp with Shoutcast DSP:  for MP3 and MP3Pro for Winamp and MP3 players.

This encoding software is free, and is the only software required. WebcastWarehouse can show you where you can download the software and guide you through setup.

6. Where can I see others currently using the RealNetworks system to webcast?
A good place to start is
Realguide This is a comprehensive website listing many net radio & TV stations, along with other multimedia websites using Flash & Windows Media systems. You will need to have a 'player' installed on your system. Download it from here if it's not already installed. Discover the reasons for this system's global success as a webcast medium.

7. Don't I need a high-speed high-bandwidth connection to the internet to webcast?
If you were to webcast on the internet directly from your location, you would require a server at your location, and a bandwidth connection to the net to enable you to send out multiple 'streams' of your webcast to your audience - each listener requires a separate 'stream' of data sent to their computer from a streaming server. This bandwidth can be very costly - get your ISP to quote you! Using WebcastWarehouse, you send a single stream of your webcast over the internet via a standard internet connection with your local ISP to us. From there, a streaming server sends your webcast to the world via our multiple internet backbone connections. No costly connection charges - your local ISP connection is all that's required.

8. What is a 'Streaming server'? Why do I need one to webcast?
A server is a computer with specialized internet broadcasting software installed, connected 24hrs a day to the internet via a high-speed high-bandwidth connection, capable of delivering multiple 'streams' of data (your webcast) to internet users on demand. Flash Windows Media and Winamp MP3 produce the most popular internet broadcasting server software for internet webcasting.

9. Do you support any other webcast systems?
WebcastWarehouse also supports webcasting for Quicktime. We can also provide support for live streaming in MP3 or MP3Pro format. Please
contact us for further information.

10. What are 'User Streams'?
The number of 'streams' or 'users' is the number of people allowed to listen or watch your webcast live at any one time - the number of simultaneous listeners/viewers. WebcastWarehouse offers many packages at ranging prices to suit all webcasters needs. Visit our
Products & Prices for further information or prices.

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